the under carriage of a Hot Wheels that went
        through Benji’s digestive tract

an old box of cookie dough (chocolate chip of course)
a loaf of white sliced bread
a dog biscuit
twisted wreckage from the planet Krypton


organic, extra spicy jalapeño TOFU
unpasteurized raw milk goat cheese
mild white cheddar
Shrek’s toe jam
Tyrannosaur Rex’s snack-pack of stegosaurus cubes


a marshmallow
a yellow onion
tepertös pogacsá (a hungarian pork fat biscuit)
a clementine
Benji’s gallstone


a muffin
a russet potato
a piece of coral reef
a black truffle
fused wild chestnuts


a pear
an apple
a plum
the beak and part of an octopus carcass
an old sausage with a stem stuck in it for effect